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Dyson7fociv27 Areas of Calling

Do you value any of these to offer advice, advocacy, or support to Life Leaders?

  1. Best-Self Leadership
  2. Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life
  3. Master Your Goliaths
  4. Patriotism in Action
  5. Veterans Day History & Character Education
  6. Freedom Lives & Freedom to FlourishAdvance Alabama
  7. Life Leaders Farm & Ranch

These seven areas of focus in study and service are the core of what you can get from this web site as well as DrDavid.blog, where you get articles and see additional media content.

1. Best-Self Leadershipbest-self-leadership-cover-300x388

Presentations, Publications, Professional Services menu:

  • Personal Leadership: 7 Best Practices to PLAN & LEAD your LIFE 
  • 7 Best Practices for True Professionals
  • Professionalism Under Stress
  • 7 Best Practices for Stress
  • 7 Best Practices for Leaders in Organizations
  • Master Your Goliaths: Mindset, Motivation, and Method
  • Hierarchy of 7 Motivating Values
  • Earning Empowerment Better and Faster
  • 7 Components of Attitude and of Ability
  • Why Assessing Attitude and Ability is more powerful than assessing employee satisfaction
  • 7 Levels of Trust
  • Developing and Delegating Empowerment
  • The 5 R’s of Empowerment
  • Freedom to Flourish Best Practices
  • Sustainable Systems to Inspire, Guide, Reward 
  • How and why a grandmother finally achieved her resolution to “stop smoking”
  • How an engineer earned promotion to project manager 3 years faster than the previous best
  • How an Executive VP used Time-Priority Leadership to compete for promotion to CEO
  • How a founder “left a legacy of leadership” to turnaround his company

Best-Self Leadership  is part of the core mission to help individuals, groups, and communities learn and use principles and practices of living as our best-selves. That requires planning and action with coordination. When a student, I learned (outside of school) that successful people recommended, “common denominators of doing our best” should be taught at home, school, and places of work and worship.

Life Leaders and I  also provide resources and services to mentors of students, teachers, professionals, and others inspired to learn and serve as their best-selves.

Learn more about Best-Self Leadership on Life Leaders’ web page.

2. Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life

Publications, Presentations, Professional Services menu:

  • The 7 Areas of Life
  • Plan for School and Life
  • Vision for applying school Character Traits
  • Plan for College and Profession
  • Graduation requirement to boost Attitude, Attendance, Achievement
  • 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions
  • 7 Areas Best-Self Organizations Plan, Assess, Reward
  • Professional Plan (aligned with my organization)
  • The Purpose of Life and Your Mission Statement
  • Callings, Gifts, and Talents
  • Your Personal Prayer
  • The Constitution of YOU (recommended for students and adults)
  • Mission for Marriage

We focus on helping parents and educators help students write Plans for School & Life as well as learn age-appropriate leadership principles for leading their lives as a foundation for capacity to serve and lead others.

Getting instruction and inspiration for planning and developing for success in life–regardless of academic, professional, or other life choice–is capacity development I wish I received in school. Most adults share this wish for themselves and even more want this for children and grandchildren so they would have a greater sense of purpose and understand better how to plan for goals, solve problems, and face challenges with more courage and confidence. – David

Professionals can begin plans in school and advance in college and/or career so they start and grow better prepared for what organizations want, including graduates with a sense of calling plus capacity to work using plans, motivation, time management, and more to do their jobs more responsibly and effectively.

Workbooks aka Planbooks are available as handouts in seminars and workshops led by Dr. David Dyson or other faculty as well as for use in other programs for purchase or donation to Life Leaders. You may read and print online or order printed copies.

Plan for School and Life page at Life Leaders

3. Master Your Goliathsmaster-your-goliaths-workbook

People often find themselves facing seemingly unsurmountable challenges like “Goliaths.” David faced Goliath to save his people.

We have worked with Veterans Making Comebacks from homelessness, moral injury, post traumatic stress, and addiction to create a plan better than the one that got them to despair. I remember the grandmother who wanted to stop smoking to had a chance to live to see her grandchildren graduate.  She attended the New Year Resolutions Weekend Workshop where she found a way and the will to finally succeed. Others face obesity and the often associated low energy and diminished relationship often caused by unhealthy choices and habits.

Challenges come at us, sometimes as ambushes and some we create ourselves. Some people set the same resolutions annually for years. Some have lost hope and quit trying.

We can do better developing mindset and process to “Master” the “Goliaths” threatening our ability to do our best and care for others as we wish.

Publications, Presentations, Professional Services menu:

  • Mastering Our Goliaths: Lessons from David
  • 7 Motivating Values (Maslow and Dyson)
  • 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions
  • Professionalism Under Stress
  • Veterans Making Comebacks: Assessment and Action Plan
  • Prisoners Earning Re-entry: Assessment and Action Plan
  • Foundations of Faith for our Motivating Values in advance of times of Need

Learn more at Life Leaders Page.

4. Patriotism in Actionpiacover_200x314

Publications, Presentations, and Events:

  • Patriotism in Action: The Founding of America’s Veterans Day in Alabama and a Guide to U.S. Patriotic Holidays and Traditions
  • Personal Leadership for Patriots
  • Tribute to the “driving force” of Veterans Day

Patriotism in Action by Dr. David Dyson and Col. “Stretch” Dunn provides printed materials for educators, students, veterans, and other patriots on how Veterans Day started in Alabama plus more patriotic guide content. On the cover of the book, President Reagan pins the Presidential Citizens Medal on Raymond Weeks of Alabama in 1982 honoring him at the White House on national television as the “driving force” for establishing America’s Veterans Day. The book serves as a patriotic guide for teachers, students, veterans, and other patriots, plus as a resource for the nation’s oldest Veterans Day. The book is donated to National Veterans Day to present to the National Veteran Award honoree and guest speakers from national organizations.

Col. Bob and Nancy Barefield led events presented since the “911” attacks on America: Personal Leadership for Patriots and Tribute to the Founder (Driving Force) of Veterans Day, which opens National Veterans Day in Birmingham November 10-11.

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5. Veterans Day Founding History and Character Traitsveterans-day-11x14-size-21513-jpg-opt389x494o00s389x494

Publications and Resources:

  • Patriotism in Action book tells how Veterans Day started in America
  • Veterans Day Founded in Alabama poster
  • U.S. Senate Resolution 2012
  • Photo of General Eisenhower-Weeks 1946
  • Telegram of General Eisenhower 1947
  • TV-Video of President Reagan 1982


  • The launch of America’s Veterans Day led by Weeks & Alabama 1945-54:
  • President Eisenhower’s leadership 1946-54
  • President Reagan honoring Weeks as the “driving force” on national TV 1982
  • 10 Character Traits to Teach students for Veterans Day, Rights, and Freedom
  • The campaign to restore Alabama’s legacy as leader for starting Veterans Day
  • Resources teachers in the USA can use to teach Veterans Day History and Character
  • Case for teaching why and where Veterans Day started to students in U.S. schools

Birmingham, Alabama hosted the first national Veterans Day observance and has been a model for the nation. We share highlights about traditional and special events to tell more of the story and offer ideas to Veterans Day organizers throughout America [Excerpt from Patriotism in Action].

Posters are displayed in many schools, city halls, tourism centers, and veterans chapters by patriots reminding Veterans Day started here, it’s significance to students, and why we lead.

Learn more

6. Freedom Lives – Freedom to Flourish


  • Why we have Freedom to Flourish and how we can.
  • The Case for Birmingham as Freedom City (in addition to “Magic City”) before hosting the World Games in 2021.
  • Birmingham can be a Top 5 destination for National Veterans Day boosting national branding, tourism, and commerce.


Photo: Birmingham’s Mayor Bell (Center) joins Dr. David Dyson (L) and John Hornsby (R) to commemorate “Freedom Lives” to advance Birmingham as birthplace of America’s National Veterans Day, cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, and national contributions to the shared value of Freedom.  Freedom Lives web site

Freedom of Life and Liberty (National Veterans Day Movement). Freedom of Civil and Human Rights (National Civil Rights Movement). Together, they provide Freedom to Flourish. We can teach the history and meaning of freedoms as well as best practices to  help students and adults write plans for school and life to act on Freedom to Flourish.

Advance Alabama for national contributions to Veterans Day, Rights, Freedom


  • Brand Alabama for Freedom (in addition to “Yellowhammer State”) through education and tourism. Alabama is the only state that led on both Veterans Day and Civil Rights Movements. Three major freedoms: Liberty, Rights, and Flourish (national movements for Veterans Day, Civil Rights, and Plans for School & Life) can grow forward.
  • Brand Alabama for starting the national movement for America’s Veterans Day. Fewer than 1% know this national history though can through education and tourism.
  • Top 5 resource for teachers of history of Veterans Day and character traits.
  • Top 5 resource for teachers of Rights connected to Liberty by Veterans.
  • Brand Alabama as a destination for Freedom, Rights, and Patriotic Holidays–meaningful marketing of events and tourism in addition to promoting food, beaches, getaways, and hospitality that are good though offered by other states.
  • Resource for teachers of students to Plan for School & Life with Best-Self Leadership.

7. Life Leaders Farm & Ranch


Steve teaching a grandchild about horses, nature…

Principles and Practices


  • Animal sanctuary–protect from harm
  • Work and play to have purpose
  • Practice Love ’em and Lead ’em Leadership
  • Advocate adoption and no-kill shelters except for mercy euthanasia
  • Support honored tradition and meaning of riderless horses for Veterans Day


  • Veterans Making Comeback can heal faster planning and connecting to animals
  • Veterans with physical or moral injury can recover with personal leadership better
  • Students learning about and working with animals develop fitness, responsibility, education, courage, and instinctive leadership that also helps them with people
  • People often treat other people and animals about the same when no one is looking so teaching higher levels of animal rights also helps human relationships.

Pike Video Snapshot (3-16-2017

The Ranch is a good place for filming videos, such as this one where David prepared a message for a student organization.

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William learning to grow, pick, and enjoy organically grown strawberries.

Principles and Practices:

  • Grow fruits, vegetables, and plants organically with little or no use of chemicals
  • Recycle organic material into compost for plants
  • Because of natural horsemanship, not using chemicals and minimizing processed feeds, horse manure supports organic composting after aging enriches soil
  • No or low till organic gardening supports long-term natural biosystems

Uses of Food Grown:

  • Veterans in homeless shelters
  • Donations and sales to feed animals and support farm
  • Feed horses extra healthy foods minimizing need for medicine

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My Callings include helping you discover and develop Your Callings and Choices in your Plan for the 7 Areas of Life that includes a Best-Self Strategy so you can use your Freedom to Flourish to Succeed with Significance as well as serve and empower others. Your development and action improves community and country. If all of us learn and take action on 7 Best Practices to Plan and Lead in Life, additional Best-Self Leadership principles, and more of these 7 Areas of Callings Focus, we will improve individually and collectively. I seek to serve with like-minded people who take action. –David

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