Professional Practice of Dr. David Dyson

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Services that may not fit 501 c3 nonprofit requirements of Life Leaders Institute:
coaching, training, consulting

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My Callings to Serve You and Organizations

My Callings include helping you discover and develop Your Callings and Choices in David WDJC 2010your Plan for the 7 Areas of Life that includes a Best-Self Strategy so you can use your Freedom to Flourish to Succeed with Significance as well as serve and empower others (students, children, grandchildren, staff, those you mentor…).

Your development and action improves community and country. If all of us learn and take action on 7 Best Practices to Plan and Lead in the 7 Areas of Life, we will improve individually and collectively.

I work through Life Leaders Institute and our programs mainly, though for those who may not fit the nonprofit mission, I serve through professional practice. This work supports the mission of Life Leaders. –David

About the 7 Callings

  1. Best-Self Leadership
  2. Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life
  3. Master Your Goliaths
  4. Patriotism in Action
  5. Veterans Day History & Character Education
  6. Freedom Lives
  7. Life Leaders Farm & Ranch

This work is advanced even more through the nonprofit Life Leaders Institute